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Navigate your future

Using Your Brain For A Change - Richard Bandler


Frogs into PRINCES - Richard Bandler & John Grinder


TRANCE-formations - Richard Bandler & John Grinder


Reframing - Richard Bandler & John Grinder


The Structure of Magic - Richard Bandler


Presuppositions of NLP

If NLP is considered an attitude, then the presuppositions of NLP are the attitude about the attitude.

Confused? That's right, you are! Remember though that confusion always precedes understanding - something you'll learn more about in the Stages of competence later.

NLP techniques are relatively simple, afterall they are modelled on things we all do every day without really thinking about it. However, if you want to actively use these techniques with volition you'll have to develop a more complex and detailed understanding about which tools are suitable for which application and how to use them with skill.

building blocks of NLPA useful way to learn about a complex topic like NLP is to break it down into smaller more manageable chunks, almost like building blocks, so that you can study and familiarise yourself with each individual block.

Once you're happy and comfortable with that first block you can grab hold of the next block and take a good look at that one to familiarise yourself with how that one works. With a clear understanding of those two blocks you can begin to consider how those blocks might interlock with each other, how they fit together. Then take up a third block, examine it closely, get a feel for how it works and see where it fits with the first two, and so on, your understanding growing exponentially the whole time.

Understanding the presuppositions of NLP means that you have the first block in place and are well on your way to understanding the big picture of NLP and the very fact that you have a structured learning strategy means that you can learn quickly and easily.


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