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building blocks of experienceSubmodalities are the very building blocks of experience and the basis of many of the highly elegant techniques for rapid change within NLP.

So far we've looked at how NLP can be used to enhance inter-personal communication - external communication between ourselves and other people. In submodalities we begin to focus our attention internally, to examine the concept of internal communication - how we communicate with ourselves inside our own mind. Submodality techniques can also allow us to change our internal communication to better achieve the results that we want in life, and even coach others to achieve similar results.

When we take our experiences of the outside world and transform them into our internal representations or internal maps, we code and store those experiences in our mind in certain particular patterns, but remember - the map is not the territory.

If we can take an experience and code it in one particular way, we can just as easily code it in any number of ways. If the way we've coded a particular experience proves to be less useful than we would like, why not recode the experience in a more useful way? Afterall, each of us is the cartographer of our own map of reailty and we can change the map in any way we choose that more usefully serves our purposes.

Can you think of something that you really don't like to do but have to do on a regular basis whether you like it or not? Would you like a way to transform the way you think about that thing you don't like to do so that it becomes something you really enjoy and even look forward to?

Can you think of a food or drink that you really like or even crave but, for the sake of your health/vitality/waistline should consume less of? How would you like a way to transform the way you think about that food/drink so that you like it less and your cravings become a thing of the past?

Maybe there's something that you WANT to like but you just can't bring yourself to try it, or just one negative aspect of it outweighs all the positives?

You can use submodality techniques to recode your experiences in such a way that you can make those useful changes easily, quickly and gracefully.

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