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So now we are aware that people have particular unconscious strategies which organise their behaviours, we've arrived at the second stage of competence - conscious incompetence - and now we know that there's something we don't know and that's a good thing because confusion always precedes understanding.

A useful question to ask ourselves at this point is What can we do with strategies?

Conveniently there's an acronym that assists us in remembering the four main things that we can do with strategies - Detect, Utilise, Change and Install - D.U.C.I. This is pronounced duckie as in rubber duckie.

D - Detect

We can detect or elicit our own strategies or those of other human beings. When we become aware of another person who is able to consistently achieve a particularly useful outcome easily and with high degrees of skill, precision and elegance we may choose to detect the strategies that they use in doing so.

U - Utilise

Once we've detected another strategy for achieving a desired outcome we can learn to utilise that strategy ourselves in order to achieve that same outcome in the same way. By utilising the strategies of others we can learn to replicate their behaviours and achieve those outcomes in a fraction of the time it took the 'expert' to learn how to do it.

C - Change

We can change our own strategies or assist others in changing their strategies in order to achieve more useful outcomes or to achieve the same outcomes in more effective and elegant ways.

I - Install

We can install new strategies in ourselves so that we can replicate excellence that we see in other people. We can also assist other people in installing new strategies in themselves which will assist them in achieving their goals in new and more effective ways.

Imagine you could replicate the creative strategies of Walt Disney, or the wealth building strategies of Bill Gates or Warren Buffet or the genius strategies of Albert Einstein.

These things are humanly possible using the methods described briefly above and in more detail on the following pages. To learn, all you have to do is read on!

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