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Reframing in NLP is a linguistic tool which we can use to quickly and elegantly change the meaning of things, but what exactly does that mean, and for what purpose?

How might changing the meaning of things usefully serve us?

The meanings that we apply to our experience of the world influence our behaviours, sometimes in useful ways and sometimes in less than useful ways.

When we experience this phenomenon passively, from the effect side of the cause-and-effect equation, it can be limiting to our behaviours and to the choices that we perceive as being available to us. On the other hand, once we learn to take active control of this phenomenon and place ourselves at the cause side of the equation it becomes a very effective way to empower ourselves and others.

Reframing provides the means to take any given situation or experience and, by placing a different frame around it, change its meaning, either directly or by placing it in an alternative context in which it means something else.

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