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targetEarlier in the Learning Strategy section we covered the Five Principles for Succes, the first of which was Know your outcome. Knowing your outcome is important but it's even more important to ensure that your outcome is well thought out and will be useful.

I've had a few different jobs in my relatively short but eventful life but I remember one manager in particular who often made what at the time seemed like casual throw-away comments but looking back were pearls of wisdom.

One of those pearls, I feel, is particularly relevant here - '...before beginning the climb up the ladder of success, just step back for a moment and check that it isn't leaning against the wrong wall.'

So we're going to take a step back here and consider useful methods which will help us to ensure that we set for ourselves what are known in NLP as well formed outcomes.

In NLP a well formed outcome must comply with certain criteria, i.e. it must be:-

  1. Stated in the positive
  2. Sensory specific
  3. Contextualised
  4. Self achievable
  5. Ecological
  6. Worthwhile

Employing these simple criteria in order to set well formed outcomes helps to ensure that those outcomes will be successful in many ways including:-

  1. Avoidance of unintended costs or consequences
  2. Resistance to achieving the goal resulting from internal conflicting feelings or thoughts about the outcome.

On the next page we'll examine the criteria and the process of setting well formed outcomes in more detail.

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