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Using eye patterns

So now that we know about eye patterns and how to look for them, how is that information useful to us? How can we take the knowledge that people tend to move their eyes in certain ways depending on how they are thinking and do something useful with it?

Examples of uses for eye patterns include:-

Elicit Primary Representational System

The sections on representational preferences and sensory predicates demonstrated ways that we can listen to the types of words people tend to use so that we can establish which representational system they favour.

One question is, should we trust just one of our sensory input channels when making these distinctions? The short answer is no, we should use every scrap of information available to us through sensory acuity to enhance the quality of the distinctions we make.

If a person uses primarily visual predicates in their communication and their eye patterns are also primarily visual we have two pieces of evidence to support our assertion that their preferred representational system is visual.

Where a person's predicates and eye accessing cues mistmatch i.e. are incongruent we have a unique opportunity to learn and hone our skills in order to assess their preferred representational system.

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