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Eye patterns introduction

eye patterns diagramWhen people think about their thoughts and experiences they tend to move their eyes in certain ways. In NLP these eye movements are described as eye patterns or eye accessing cues.

Practicing our sensory acuity by closely monitoring the eye patterns of the person we are communicating with can provide useful clues as to how that person is thinking from moment to moment.

We learned in the section on communication styles about the representational systems that we use to code and store our thoughts about the world.

We also learned that when we describe our experience of the world the words that we use (predicates) are influenced by those representational systems and thus can reveal our preferred representational system. When we listen to the words a person uses we are using our Auditory input channel or taking the input auditorily.

Our eye patterns are also linked to our representational systems and thus provide a second mechanism, through our visual input channel (our eyes), a way to gather useful data about a person's representations of experience and how they go about retrieving those representations (memories) when required.

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