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Discovering eye patterns

eye patterns diagram

In a normally organised, right-handed person the eye patterns can be typically represented by the diagram on the right.

Statistically most people are normally organised in that their eye accessing patterns match the diagram above.

A smaller percentage of people, including many people who are left-handed, will be reverse organised. For reverse organised people a mirror opposite of the above diagram applies - Vc, Ac and K on the right and Vr, Ar and Ad on the left.

To become highly effective in using eye patterns you should practice them until you become unconsciously competent in their use (remember the four stages of competence?).

If the concept of eye patterns is new to you then you may be wondering just how you can learn easily how a person is thinking by observing their eye patterns and also distinguish if they are normally organised or reverse organised.

The answer is really quite simple and elegant - simply provide an appropriate context such that the natural response of that person is exactly the response we are looking for.

As if that wasn't simple enough, providing the right context to observe and measure a person's eye accessing cues can be as simple as asking them a few simple, well designed questions and watching where their eyes go.

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